Starfall - 붕괴3rd OST [피아노]

안녕하세요. Shaint입니다. :)

아트리를 이제야 알게돼서 활동을 시작하게 됐네요. 기존에 유튜브로만 활동을 하다가, 최근에는 다른 플렛폼에도 관심이 생겨 활동을 이어가고 있습니다.

당일 곡 공개 후에 작업한 즉흥연주이며, 부족한 연주지만 잘 부탁드립니다!

유튜브 채널 :


Hi, it's first time to upload new ost cover!
It's Honkai time :) "Honkai Impact 3rd" is the mobile game that is operating by MIHOYO. When I started this game in 3 yrs ago, started at CBT and still playing on KR sever. I spend many times for this game. (also, others.. azur lane, bangdori.. -The rest is omitted.-)
So, I waited new story and OST! But the quality isn't good that I forgot some sections when I recorded video with piano improvisation.

And I added new video editing with "MIDI Virtualizer." Thx for many anime pianists to help this one!

P.S. Kiana is the BEST (MACKEREL) GIRL (・ω・)b


No Sheet, It's piano Improvisation.

Piano Improvisation by Shaint

Original Song: Starfall
Anime: Honkai Impact 3rd
Published by: HOYO-MIX
Composed by: HOYO-MiX
Performed by: TIA RAY

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